I am fog!

My previous film review site was at Orble.com (now extinct) and it was titled screentrek.com. I inherited it from a nice man who is now a reporter for the SMH newspaper, he is handsome, I am not.

I used to work on film crews, in many capacities, mainly in Art Departments, as they employed you longer than all the other areas.

I loved that life, tough as it was, I miss it.

However, things change and so now I review other people’s film work and that is a mixed bag; one wants to be fair and balanced but, sometimes you must endure such drivel you need to exorcise the experience by responding with something suitably derisive, because I know how hard it is to get a film into production and on a cinema screen, so those that make it to theatrical release should be worthy of that honour.

Unless you are writing a blood and gore infested schlock-horror zombie flick, then tastelessness must be delivered in a vibrant and visceral way, with a large dose of self mockery and a liberal lashing of our politically hypocritical, self serving, sanctimonious society.

I am currently writing a zombie film treatment.

I am a writer, a poet, a stage director: I wrote the libretto of, set designed and directed, an opera that was (up until 1998) LaMa’s most successful production in it’s history.

I am a bon vivant at heart and a raconteur.

I love laughter.

I admire and fear people of great talent in equal measure.

I have a humour that ranges from dumb slapstick to acerbically cerebral.

I can be a jester but I am not a fool.

I am a wisp, a haze, a cloud, a misty vale stilled on a cool day.

I am fog!


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